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Covid-19 safety in your caravan

We will offer guests alternative dates or a refund, if there is a national or local lockdown which also prevents travelling, and which includes your home or holiday location.

Our approach to your health

Looking after the health and safety of our guests has always been paramount, Right now any ‘normal’ cleaning procedures will simply not be enough to control the spread of Coronavirus. So, we have asked caravan owners to review their usual cleaning procedures and create extra protocols to minimise virus transfer.

What it means in practice

We have sent all of our caravan owners an enhanced set of cleaning guidance produced by UK Hospitality, PASC and the Wales Tourism Alliance. This includes the following:

 Your role in staying safe

Guests are encouraged to wash hands with soap and water every time you enter or leave the property and bagging up your bed linen before you leave, also not wearing outdoor shoes in the property.

Minimising risk

Even with all the measures that are being taken, no-one can 100% guarantee that any property will be Covid-free. We can assure you that the risk of contagion in any holiday property is very low – much lower, for example, than visiting places frequented by the public.

The section below has been added to our Terms and conditions of rental.

Covid-19 symptoms

If a guest is showing symptoms of the Covid-19 virus while staying in a caravan, they should return home immediately, and inform the caravan owner so that the property can be deep cleaned.