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Terms & Conditions for Advertisers

By advertising on this website, caravan owners agree to the following terms and conditions:

Accuracy - West Wales Caravans  cannot accept any legal responsibility for the accuracy of the advertisements, or any alleged breaches of contract on an advertiser's part and the advertiser indemnifies West Wales Caravans  against all costs, expenses and losses arising out of a claim relating to the content of an advertisement. Advertisers should inform us immediately of any material change required in the description of the caravan.

Liability - West Wales Caravans  does not warrant that the operation of the West Wales Caravans site will be uninterrupted or error-free. In no event shall West Wales Caravans be liable to the advertiser for any special, consequential, incidental or indirect damages, including lost profits. 

Termination of advertising - West Wales Caravans reserves the right to remove any advertisement for the West Wales Caravans  web site, without notice, and will not be liable for any loss or expense in so doing for any of the following reasons:

Caravan owners are entirely responsible for ensuring that their caravan is properly maintained, cleaned and prepared for guests for each booking. Complaints regarding cleaning and the preparation of caravans received by West Wales Caravans will be referred to the owners.

Caravan owners are responsible for ensuring that their properties and contents are fully compliant with statutory regulations, gas and fire safety.

All caravan advertisers must have specific liability insurance and West Wales Caravans cannot be held liable for claims arising from loss or damage to the contents of the caravan, loss of revenue, public liability or compensation.

Deposits/ payments: West Wales Caravans  takes a part payment deposit for each booking. This deposit is non refundable, but can be used by the Hirer as a deposit for another holiday at the same caravan/lodge if a .cancellation is made more than 6 weeks before the holiday. West Wales Caravans advises all Hirers to ensure they have adequate holiday insurance to cover any eventuality.

Damage / Loss / extra cleaning etc - West Wales Caravans standard Terms and Conditions of rental state that the contract of hire is between the Hirer and the caravan owner. Any claim for 'loss of enjoyment', by guests for any reason, or any claim for damage, loss or extra cleaning caused by guests from the owners, is entirely the responsibility of the caravan owner. West Wales Caravans cannot act on an owner's or guest's behalf in cases of dispute arising from any cause.

Contact information - Advertisers must keep their contact information up to date for Hirers, particularly email and mobile phone number info.

Online content and intellectual property rights -  West Wales Caravans will take photographs and write text for www.westwales-caravans.co.uk and www.newquay-westwales.co.uk and reserve copyright to both photographs and text, and reserve the right, to amend, edit or refuse copy provided by advertisers. If photographs and / or text from the West Wales Caravans or New Quay web sites are used by the caravan/lodge owner elsewhere on the internet, then the advertisement will be removed without further notice.

Advertising with other agencies - Advertisers must advise West Wales Caravans as soon as holiday dates are no longer available. - This is to ensure that there is no possibility of double bookings. If West Wales Caravans
processes a holiday booking that has become unavailable without West Wales Caravans being so informed, then the owner will be liable for the commission due at the time the booking was made.

Cancellation of bookings by owners - In the event that an owner cancels a booking for which payment has already been made, then the owner will be responsible for informing and refunding the Hirer any balance of payment made. Owners will be liable for the commission due at the time the booking was made.

Privacy- West Wales Caravans treats the personal information of site users with the utmost respect and confidentiality and takes reasonable steps to ensure that your personal information is stored securely and accurately. Your personal information will never be provided to any third party for their marketing or promotional use.

Changes to pricing and conditions - West Wales Caravans reserves the right to change the rates and terms and conditions without notice. Any new rates will be applicable immediately for new advertisers .

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